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Our Story

"Never stop learning! People with innovative minds will survive. Believe Innovation, Think Innovation, Create Innovation! Today's business landscape is evolving at a pace where change is imminent. The one that answer to the needs of the marketplace will be preferred."


Our story began one afternoon in a coffee ship, when a bean of an idea started germinating. My co--founder and I were talking about he paradigm shift in the shipping industry. Being the prime mover and shaker that we are, the question of how we can do more came about.

There's no doubt that the world is borderless. Cargo movements, from big to small parcel shipments, are spreading. The curve ball was, can we do this with the network and resources we have? The answer was Yes We Can! As the bean in our minds turned into a seedling , we realised that it was only of matter of finding the right soil and nutrients to put them together. Today the dream has become a reality!

Being a partner with AirAsia has taught me one thing - we exit for the marketplace. And we build our business based on their needs rather than being dictated by the industry's practices.

We celebrate diversity and different opinions with the end solution in mind. Let me be honest, I have learnt that when iron sharpens iron, there is bound to be sparks. But the sparks create an even bigger and better outcome than if we were a company of clones.

From a humble setup with presence in 6 countries, we have grown the number to 15. Our revenues and profitability testify to that growth and we believe we can do more. China being the biggest market continues to be a big exporter of bulk shipments and e-commerce. The other big markets that will compete and grow are ASEAN, Middle East and the Indian Sub-Continent. I am confident that the market place for the next 5 years will triple its numbers. Now is the time to coach our people with the understanding that our point of difference is the ability to answer to the needs of the marketplace in logistic services. That will realise our vision of being the preferred logistic provider and courier.

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