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Instruction of Packing

How to courier a package

  1. Choose the correct box
    • For rolled paper, do not use circular tube, please use a triangular tube
    • The choice of box for your shipment makes the difference
    • Use boxes of corrugated cardboard and use heavy-duty double-layered board for valuable items.
    • Do not use damaged or weak boxes as during shipment the boxes might give way
  2. Protect your object
    • Use quality material for cushioning
    • Leave 3 inches of spaces around object
    • Use dividers if sending multiple items
    • Fill the space around the object
    • Do not allow the contents to move
  3. Weigh before seal the box
    • One ounce can make a difference
    • Remove packing material to shave weight
  4. Seal corrugated box with taping
    • Use strapping to secure the box
    • Use strong tape to secure the box
    • Remove all labels if re-using boxes
    • Do not resend boxes without removing labels

Packing supply

Courier Bag

Size: 415mm x 300mm
Suggest max weight 2kg

Carton Box

Suggest weight

290 x 290 x 290mm

5 kg

360 x 360 x 360mm

10 kg

420 x 420 x 420mm

15 kg

460 x 460 x 460mm

20 kg

530 x 530 x 530mm

30 kg
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